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Automatic Manufacturing

Sunket solar panel factory can work for various advanced technology production requirements. The annual production capacity of solar panels has reached 2GW.

The advanced automatic production line opened a new era for capacity, and achieve the transition from manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing.

Mainstream product technology

Sunket new production line is compatible with multi-busbar cells of various sizes from 166 to 182 mm, and has room for upgrades of 210 mm super-sized cells. We have HJT, TOPCon, and BIPV production lines, covering all mainstream product technologies on the market.

Rigorous Control

Sunket always insist on using top reliable materials and superior advanced manufacturing process to produce Class A solar panels.

Each solar panel will undergone 52 product quality inspections, and all solar panels will be tested twice by the industry's most advanced EL testing equipment.

Warranty Management

12-year product warranty

25-year performance warranty (30-year for double glass products)

Third-party Certification

Sunket is fully certified by professional third party testing organizations. We have ISO, TUV, CSA, CEC, IEC, CE, INMETRO, RETIE, JP-AC, DEWA, MCS and CQC Solar Product Certificates.

Production Equipment

ATW Automatic Welding Machine

● Realize grid line’s mass production
● guarantee the precision of welding
● improve the production efficiency
● make sure the quality of the product.
● Production process monitoring
● Adopt MES production management system

Automatic Laminator

Adopt PLC automatic human intelligent control, PID temperature control of high precision, Parameter display intuitive, strong compatibility, high efficiency and yield.

EL Detector

Automatically and quickly distinguish solar panel’s defects such as fragments, cracks, black edges, etc.; high image clarity, fast detection efficiency, and guaranteed finished product quality.

Breakdown Voltage Test

The Breakdown Voltage Test occupies an important position in the test sequence of the solar panel, which can effectively evaluate the safety performance of the solar panel in operation.

Flash Testing

Detect electrical performance parameters, output power of solar panels. Guarantee the quality of each solar panel.