Low Voltage Energy Storage
LFP 5-10kWh / LV

LiFePO4 BATTERY, 51.2V 100/200Ah.

LFP5-10kWh/LV is the latest Wall Mounted Lithium Battery for Home Energy Storage system. It is based on lithium iron phosphate batteries and equipped with customized BMS. 6000+ high cycle times, long service life, stylish appearance design, make it popular with many customers, and suitable for daily charging and discharging application scenarios.

Low Voltage Energy Storage LFP2400/LFP5000

LFP2400, LFP5000 are hot-selling Rack Mounted Lithium Batteries provided by Sunket with our abundant experience for Home Energy Storage. It’ s long life character, high energy and power density in the industry, fashionable design, easiness of installation and expansion, all reflects the real requirements of end users and strongest technical capability of Sunket.

Portable Power Bank

Portable power bank is the definition of a new way of life. It adopts high-safety lithium iron phosphate battery and integrates various power ports.

It is suitable for the operation of lighting, small household appliances, mobile phones, cameras, notebook computers, vehicle electrical appliances, automotive emergency start, medical emergency equipment and other products in off-grid or power failure scenarios such as indoor backup, outdoor activities, car self-driving tours, and emergency rescue.

High Voltage Energy Storage 30kW/92kWh

·Small size, high integration
·User-defined operating mode is easy to set
·Support on-grid and off-grid switching
·Installation and access points for supporting microgrid energy devices
·Comprehensive energy management, real-time dynamic operation monitoring
·AI cloud computing data processing, intelligent management and control

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