HJT + MBB + Half-cut Solar Technology
480W Solar Panel, 22.1% Ultra-high Eff

Based on N-type Silicon wafer, Sunket HJT solar panels with 9BB 144 half-cut cells have higher efficiency, better performance and durability. The manufacturing process of an HJT Cell is more efficient and taking less step compare with other cell processing technology. HJT solar cell is also a natural bifacial cell, with much better stable solar cell color.

-0.24%/℃ Low Temp
Excellent weak light performance

Sunket 480W HJT solar panel has Excellent weak light performance. When under the cloudy, haze condition,weak light performance help get more production.

A temperature coefficient rating of -0.24%/℃, helps generate greater electricity output on the hottest days. Support HJT solar panels to generate up to 4% more power than mainstream PERC solar panels at high temperatures.

30years 90%+ Output
90%+ Bifaciality

Compared with PERC solar panels with a power warranty of 80% for 25 years, sunket 480W HJT solar panel can ensure more than 90% power generation after 30 years, and the power generation within 30 years is much higher than PERC solar panel.

In addition, sunket 480W HJT solar panel has 90%+ Bifaciality, the power generated from the back of solar panel reaches more than 90% of that from the front. Double stacked power generation is higher.


Sunket 480W HJT solar panel use HJT solar cell technology,result in extremely low LID and PID which supports reliability and longevity. Supports 5% more power generation than PERC solar panel.

30years 90%+ Output

22.1%Ultra-high Eff

90%+ Bifaciality

-0.3%℃ Low Temp Coeff


Low-light Performance

No Color Difference

Guaranteed Better Durability


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