210mm PERC Solar Cell
670W Solar Panel’s efficiency up to 21.6%

Based on the 210mm large-size silicon wafer and mono perc solar cell, sunket 210mm solar panel comes with several innovative design features allowing high power output up to 670W. Excellent temperature coefficient and low irradiation performance brings the greater power. Furthermore, benefit from high-density encapsulation technology, the efficiency of 210mm solar panel can reach up to 21.6%.

1.MBB Technology

Sunket 210mm Solar Panel adopts 12BB technology. More busbars of the cell decrease the current transverse propagation path by 50%, effectively reduce the internal loss, and improve power of solar panels.

2.High Reliability

With stronger resistance against hotspots and excessive temperature, Sunket solar panel maintain high reliability. Sunket optimized the frame design of the 210mm large module, which allows for better load performance and suits for various scenarios.

Higher Solar Panel String Power Output

Based on the aim of improving the system efficiency and reducing the balance of system costs, Sunket Solar's research and development team has introduced an innovative design of low-voltage and higher module string power output.

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