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1.What is the working principle of solar module?

Solar module is through the photoelectric effect or photochemical effect directly the light energy into electricity, it USES principle of photoelectric conversion to the radiation of the sun light through the semiconductor material into electrical energy, the photoelectric conversion process is usually called "photovoltaic effect".

Therefore, as long as be light to, components of direct current (dc) can be converted into alternating current by inverter, instantaneous output voltage and current.

Generated by the system of electric power can be used independently, can also be connected to the national grid.

Use of solar energy photovoltaic power generation system, not only can significantly reduce electricity costs, as well as green energy, environmental protection has made a significant contribution to the world.

2.Why use solar energy?

With the continuous development of global economy, the scarcity of fossil energy is more and more highlighted, and the scarcity gradually reflected on the energy prices of the goods.

Under the background of fossil energy supply is increasingly tense, the large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy has become an important part of national energy strategy in the future.

Solar energy is inexhaustible renewable energy, has fully clean, absolute security, relative universality, really long life and free maintenance, the adequacy of resources and potential economic advantages, has the important status in the long-term energy strategy.

With the research and development of the solar system, through the use of efficient and reliable technology, has achieved basic can do solar modules in the 25 years warranty maintenance free, realize the real green economy.

Under the trend of global advocate environmental protection and energy saving, more and more countries to put forward policies to encourage solar energy industry, as an emerging green energy industry, therefore, has the good investment value.

3.How big is the solar industry?

According to the world energy agency (IEA), joint research center in Europe and the European photovoltaic industry association predicts that in 2020 the world photovoltaic will account for 1% of the total power, photovoltaic power generation by 2040 will account for 20% of global electricity, according to the calculated for decades, and in the future will be as high as 25% - 25% growth for the global pv industry.

In global declining fossil fuel resources and power consumption is rising, driven by electricity price will be rising, consumer electricity burden will continue to rise, there is an urgent need to develop alternative energy sources for sustainable.

So can be predicted that in the 21st century, solar photovoltaic power generation has become one of the basis of human energy, occupies an important position in the world energy structure.

Wuxi Mr Walcott base of production and application of light volt generating system, strive to create a clean, efficient better future.

4.What are the policy to encourage countries?

Photovoltaic (pv) is the country to develop the emerging industry, is also the clean renewable energy, in the era of advocating energy-saving, low carbon, environmental protection, much attention has been paid to the development of photovoltaic industry.

In recent years, the country launched a series of policies to support the development of photovoltaic industry.

Our country ministry of finance, the ministry was born on March 26, 2009, Taiwan has to promote the implementation of solar photovoltaic building application opinion and the subsidy way, enabled us to see the photovoltaic industry new heaven and earth, the sun and bright prospects.

The power plant to be built and acceptance by the state grid and connected to the national grid electricity generated by the spontaneous self-used can choose A, all the power generation by owner, part B, spontaneous for private use, power battery sell power grid companies, C, all the electricity sold to three kinds of operation mode of the power grid companies and long-term state subsidies to 0.42 yuan/degree.

The cost of the province is the state subsidies, save electricity and sell electricity costs, along with the increasingly nervous energy, electricity prices rising, the return period of investment of solar pv system will be more and more short, earnings will be more and more high.

For distributed photovoltaic power generation according to the whole electricity subsidy policy, national feed-in tariff standard is 0.42 yuan per KWH, on this basis, the developed local government subsidies.The implementation of national feed-in tariff and subsidy term in principle for 20 years.

Encourage all kinds of power users in accordance with the "spontaneous for private use, allowance for Internet, grid to adjust" way of construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation systems.