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Family photovoltaic power plant solutions

We tailor the service plan for customers and, on the basis of one-stop service covering “Free Survey, Customized Program, Grid Connection Application, Home Installation, Intelligent Monitoring”, guarantee the safety, sustainability and stability of power station earnings through value preservation of generating capacity, exclusive customized power station insurance, and other value-added services. We take the lead in carrying out poverty alleviation work through photovoltaic industry, make excellent achievements through model innovation, help nearly 6,000 targeted families to get rid of poverty, provide good reference and demonstration for the country’s targeted poverty alleviation strategy and truly make photovoltaic power generation benefit thousands of households.

Spread Photovoltaic in the Countryside

We play the advantages of being prior to carry and try, combine the promotion of photovoltaic application with the development and construction of beautiful countryside and modern agriculture, increase rural income, speed up the construction of modern agriculture and promote the development of rural economy by implementing the projects of spreading photovoltaic in the countryside.

PV-oriented Poverty Alleviation

China has taken the lead in carrying out PV-oriented poverty alleviation pilot work, which is pioneering in the country, makes China accumulate practical experience in project development, construction and operation and provides good reference and demonstration for the country’s targeted poverty alleviation and poverty overcoming strategy.

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