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Solar Water Pump System

Solar Water Pump System

A solar water pump system consists of a solar module, an inverter (AC)/controller (DC), and a water pump. The solar modules absorb solar energy and transform it into electric energy to supply power for water pump, thus solving the water supply problem for rural and cattle-producing areas in remote and arid area, and other places.

The solar water pump system produces zero electricity charge and zero release, but is simple to install and maintain, stable to run, safe and reliable. The system needs no energy storing device, and replaces electric power storage with water storage, which greatly reduces the system construction and maintenance costs. It also does not need to erect an electric transmission line, so the comprehensive cost is low and it is easy to disassemble and assemble. This series of products, characterized by a wide range of power and abundant varieties, can meet the different demands of different customers.

Off-grid System

Off-grid System

An off-grid system is independent of the power grid construction network; the electric energy it produces is not connected into the grid, the whole system runs independently and supply power for the entire area around.

An off-grid system generates electricity through large-area photovoltaic components, and stores the electric energy through a power storage system, which facilitates to recycling. Through the use of an advanced string-type inverter and efficient solar panels, the independent micro-grid transforms the unstable direct current produced by PV power generation into alternating current, which facilitates to electric power transmission and storage and improving the power quality and power supply stability at the same time.

Solar Street Lamp System

Solar Street Lamp System

A solar street lamp system consists of a solar module, a street lamp controller, battery, a lamp cap and a lamp post. The solar module absorbs solar energy at day time, transforms it into electric energy and stores it in the battery, which supplies power to the lamp cap at night, thus solving the road lighting problem. Solar street lamps are green and environmentally friendly. It needs to erect no electric transmission line when installing, can set up multiple power supply modes, features a complete range of products, and can meet different demands of different customers.

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