We specialize in solar cell, photovoltaic modules and solar systems design, production and sales.

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Sunket is a doer who want to be the first, actively participate in the development of solar

photovoltaic industry to make the green energy into every corner; Sunket is also a meticulous practitioners, striving to provide high quality products and services; meanwhile it is a trustworthy partner, mutual benefit and win-win with customers and grow together with the staff.

Company follow the "people-oriented" principle, depending on the talent for the enterprise first resources, and staff is first wealth for the company. We are committed to build normative, orderly, fair and incentive human resources operation system.

We respect the staff's career planning, formed a talent management team in a planned way. We through the organization of all kinds of professional knowledge and management training, to improve the staff's skill and management level. We regularly through team development activities to improve staff's team consciousness, in order to build wisdom, high efficiency, unity and innovative team. We actively develop rich culture activities, in order to construct harmonious culture atmosphere, to enhance the staff's sense of belonging.

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